Did you know that having damaged and coils can cause your AC unit to struggle and perform poorly during the extreme summer heat? At Building Automation Technologies we are able to repair and clean coils restoring the cooling efficiency of your AC unit, and can even result in lower power usage.

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Is your AC struggling to keep you cool during the summer? it may be time to have a complete AC unit inspection performed. At Building Automation Technologies our EPA-608 certified technicians will inspect your unit for leaks, damage, and even check the refrigerant in your system. We can also make the needed repairs to bring your unit back to its peak performance making sure that you stay cool during the summer heat.

Did you know that a dirty or clogged air filter can be the leading cause of unwanted odors and lead to poor air quality? Air filters should be replaced every 2 - 3 months to help keep your air clean and odor free. At Building Automation Technologies we will match your building with the correct filter to match your filtration needs. We will even safely remove and dispose of the used filters.

Did you know that routine maintenance on your AC unit can extend the life, and can increase the efficiency of your your unit? At Building Automation Technologies we offer top of the line service for all of your HVAC equipment. Building Automation Technologies can service any size unit whether you own a single story building or a multiple story building.

​Did you know that inspecting and servicing your exhaust fan is just as important as changing your filters? exhaust fans are designed for one purpose and that is to remove unwanted odors, smoke, fumes, and heat from your building. without regular service of your exhaust fans, bearings can wear out, and belts can snap resulting in heat and odor to linger around inside your building. At Building Automation Technologies we offer inspections and repairs for all intake and exhaust systems for your building.